n. 795 The tower of free thoughts

The work introduces us to an imaginary world full of details and symbols. It is enough to carefully scrutinize the elements as a whole to discover strong contrasts: the tower, of which only one side is visible, appears to us as a massive construction, not devoid of harmony thanks to the succession of round arches. However, the solidity of this stone citadel is severely tested: a violent nature drags forces in motion. With repeated assaults, the waves, which also resemble arches, break at its base in a struggle between water and stone. In this game that attempts a balance between man and nature, the droplets are opposed to the sheets that flutter in the air. But the deep meaning of this engraving is inherent in the title: the thoughts of men, are numerous those that we observe among the arcades, drag ideas that are born from free spirits.

Copper 100 mm x 157 mm (base x height), March 2022

Etching printed on bible backing on Sicars paper, Luxe Charbonnel black ink / black jaïs J.Stoop; sheet size 250 mm x 350 mm; edition made by the author on a Bendini star chalcogarphic press.

Limited edition of 30 copies numbered 1 / 30–30/30

Edition Alma Charta


150.00 €