n. 798 A silent conversation

The sad and agitated times of this beginning of the year prompted the author to engrave an emblematic scene (the title is an oxymoron to enhance its
expressive power). In a lush (and static) plant environment, these four characters converse amicably. This meeting seems to enjoy an inner peace:
"side by side they remained calm and somehow happy" (Colette). Without external interference and in a place where no sound is perceptible, men seem
to be in a state of grace.

Copper 167 mm x 183 mm (base x height), 2022

Etching on Sicars paper, umber / black Luxe Charbonnel ink; sheet size 350 mm x 500 mm. Printed by the author on a Bendini star press.

Limited edition of 30 copies numbered 1 / 30– 30/30.

Edition Alma Charta, Toccalmatto

250.00 €