n.799 Crazy herbs

At first glance, the walls that are lost towards infinity surprise us: the roughly squared stones make up an austere and unwelcoming architecture. The small openings - they make us think of a columbarium or the windows of the famous prisons of Venice - confirm our first impression. But just look more carefully the whole to see the contrast between the rigidity of the building and the movement of the lush vegetation. The etching allows you to play with orderly or free paths and let us discover the true strength of this engraving: the Light. Light that seduces us with its play of light and dark tones.

Copper 163 mm x 248 mm (base x height), 2022
Etching on bible paper glued on Hahnemühle 300 gr paper, Luxe Charbonnel Black ink; sheet size 350 mm x 500 mm.
Printed by the author on a Bendini star press.
Limited edition of 40 copies numbered 1 / 40– 40/40.

350.00 €