n. 814 Where is the sea?

If the title makes us smile and tries to distract us, we must abandon ourselves to the beauty of the etching that leads us into an unknown and timeless space. The play of light and dark tones, the contrast between full and empty masses, the trajectories that are lost ad infinitum, everything seems engraved for a stage where the main actors are those human beings who scan the horizon and who observe us. From up there, they seem unattainable and invincible. But who are they...?
Rare limited edition.

Copper 233mm x 131mm (base x height), 2023

Etching/pointing on yellow Bible paper background on Hahnemühle 300 g paper, Luxe Charbonnel black ink; sheet size: 500mm x 350mm; edition made by the author on a Bendini star press.

Limited edition of 25 copies numbered 1/25 – 25/25

300.00 €