n. 811 The Gardener's Prayer

The picture created with delicate drypoint is striking in its comic extravagance. A flowering tree on the shoulders of a human being, what an unlikely vision...! But observing this half-vegetable and half-human character closely, we are intrigued by his posture: his hands joined, the young man is praying... Does he perhaps want to address a supplication to his god? The author provides us with the answer: in solidarity with nature, the gardener invokes abundant rain for his tree...
Copper 114 x 187 mm (width x height), 2023.

Etching/drypoint on Bible paper background applied on Hahnemühle paper 300gr, J.Stoop jaïs black ink; sheet size 250mm x 350mm; printed by André Beuchat on a Bendini chalcographic press.
Rare limited edition of 20 copies numbered and signed 1/20-20/20

180.00 €