n. 810 The sky is so blue, so calm

A visionary architecture, strong contrasts, our gaze is drawn upwards. The sky is sublime in its beauty. The diagonals that cut the space offer a dynamic perspective. Details abound in an apparent disorder, caressed by more or less deep blacks. The sky, so blue, projects a light that penetrates the bowels of an abandoned house. The sky, so calm, makes fun of human vicissitudes, moments of glory and decadence of our civilizations. Serene, glide over our  destinies.
Two copper plates 300mm x 350mm (width x height), 2023.
Etching/drypoint on Hahnemühle 300 gr paper, Charbonnel black Tiefschwarz + Luxe / ultramarine blue inks; sheet size 500mm x 700mm. Printed by the author on a Puliti chalcographic press.
Limited edition of 40 copies 1/40 – 40/40

600.00 €