n. 805 The sky in my room

This work opens us to an intimate vision, in its simplicity it reveals an emotion. To understand this so evocative word, let's draw inspiration from its Latin matrix: the verb movere evokes movement, the path ... It is the experience that this engraving offers us: the eye moves upwards, attracted by the vision of the clouds pass serenely in the sky. Through the opening, the spirit leaves reality (the room) and travels towards a dreamlike dimension (the sky). The beauty of the blue tone acts on our sensitivity; for some, contemplation leads to ecstasy... (here, the matrix is Greek, Extase: to be out of oneself...).

Two copper plates: 235mm x 153mm (width x height), 2022

Etching/ drypoint on Hahnemühle 230 gr paper, Charbonnel black and ultramarine blue inks; sheet size: 500 x 350 mm. Printing by the author on a Bendini star press.

Limited edition of 30 copies numbered 1/30 – 30/30

350.00 €