n. 804 Mirabilia urbis - blue version

Even if it is small in size, this engraving introduces us to an imaginary architecture created to amaze us. The gaze leaps towards the sky where all the guidelines converge in a dizzying movement. Conceived as a study, the bottom-up vision accentuates the sense of depth. The sky appears sumptuous to us, made wider when it is revealed through the openings of the building. This scenic decoration appears rich in details and recalls the Della Robbia terracottas with the two-tone color between blue and light gray tones. Wide-ranging work.

Two copper plates: 114mm x 153mm (width x height), 2022

Etching/ drypoint on Sicars paper 230 gr, Charbonnel inks; sheet size 250mm x 350mm; edition made by the author on a Bendini star press.

Limited edition of twenty copies numbered 1/20 – 20/20 in the black/blue version and ten copies numbered I/X – X/X in the black/red versionb

170.00 €