n. 697 The real journey of an oak tree

To "read" this engraving, you have to step out of reality and into a dream with your eyes open (children do this without difficulty). Treat yourself to the symbolic vision of an oak tree looking for a place to live and crossing a vertical landscape in quiet silence. The tree is similar to a Noah's ark or a floating island, carrying around its trunk small characters who find refuge there. From its clod of earth emerge the vital filaments of its roots, its imposing foliage caresses the air. We are in a wide ambulatory, in a dream that ends well.

2016 | etching/drypoint on copper

Plate: 127 x 206 mm (base x height)

Printing on Hahnemühle paper, black ink, paper size: 250 x 350 mm

Limited edition of 30 copies numbered 1/30 – 30/30

150.00 €