n. 698 The passage

The journey of an oak through an urban landscape offers the mind the possibility of imagining an "other" world, a world where nature is dominant. The tree, engraved in 2016, is the metaphor of a symbolic refuge place for men with its foliage and its clod of earth, it imposes itself, as an element of strength. The perspective highlights the converging lines of the windows and accentuates the movement towards the horizon.
A strange paradox of human beings seeking protection in Nature and fleeing a world created for them.
2016 | etching on copper

plate: 250 x 286 mm (base x height)
—Printing on Hahnemühle paper, blue-black ink, paper size: 350 x 520 mm

30 signed and numbered copies 1/30-30/30

Edition Alma Charta, Toccalmatto

300.00 €