n. 790 The paper soldier

This soldier with such a sharp profile seems to emerge from a deep night. His gaze is projected towards an objective that is unknown to us. He passes in front of us, dragging a world of paper and writing. Who is he? What is he aiming for? Without answers, we let ourselves be transported into an unusual atmosphere, fascinated by the contrasts of colors and the sketch made on drypoint.

Copper plate: 120 mm x 92 mm (base x height), 2021

Etching/ drypoint on Hahnemuehle paper, black and yellow luxe Charbonnel ink, paper size: 250 mm x 350 mm. Printed by the author on a star press Bendini.

30 numbered and signed copies 1/ 30-30/30

Edition Alma Charta, Toccalmatto

150.00 €