n. 412 Cards in freedom

The flying pages recall the theme of the engraving "Journey through a wardrobe". In this vision of an inner world - the room seems simple and modest to us - the white sheets become symbols of a freedom in movement. The vertical stripes of the
wallpaper accentuate the lightness of the flight. In its layout, the etching enhances the softness of the elements and makes the whole harmonious.

Copper plate: 199 mm x 410 mm, 2000

Etching on Hahnemuehle paper, black Luxe Charbonnel-ultramarine blue ink, paper size: : 500 x 700 mm. Printed by the author on a star press Puliti.

35 numbered copies 35/35

Edition Alma Charta, Toccalmatto

450.00 €