n. 769 The tower of Babel II

The Tower of Babel theme belongs to the universal myth. The tower appears as the desire of men to place hope in the afterlife, for glory or salvation. The engraving gains momentum with an initial etching work and, after several steps, with drypoint. By
attenuating the details of a composite and classical architecture, the direct intervention of the drypoint accentuates the furrows, makes the black tones velvety and creates the upward movement. The whole acquires a wild beauty, born from the expressive force of the challenge. First art work of the year.

2021 | Etching-drypoint

Copper plate : 361 mm x 499 mm (base x altezza)

Etching-drypoint on Hahnemühle paper, black Luxe Charbonnel ink,
paper size: 500 x 700 mm. Printed by the author on a Puliti press

40 numbered and signed 1/40 – 40/40.

Edition Alma Charta, Toccalmatto

600.00 €