n. 719 Sun rise over the city

In this environment that reminds us of a large theater, the scene is dominated by a well of light, around which a compact and confused multitude of people appears. It is a dizzying world that reveals the imagination of the engraver, capable of stunning our senses, to communicate to us that feeling of unease that one has in front of the abyss. Curved lines help create movement. More than a theater, it is the vision of a circus in which the engraver drags us, forcing us to glance down.
Master work to collect.

2017 | etching-drypoint

Copper plate: 379 mm x 500 mm (base x height)

Printing on Hahnemühle paper, blank ink, paper size: 500 x 700 mm

6 signed and numbered trail proofs e.e. I/VI- VI/VI + 40 signed and numbered copies 1/40 – 40/40

Edition Alma Charta, Toccalmatto

700.00 €