n. 720 Animae mundi

As in an ancient myth, this engraving sets human history in motion: gathered on the same tower, serene and agitated spirits coexist and confront each other in a permanent antagonism. A succession of detailed scenes - some are grotesque - indicates order, chaos, laughter, tears, love or hate. Everything is freely interpreted and finished on drypoint in order to enhance the chiaroscuro. Let’s not fool ourselves, we’re all here...

Copper plate: 498 mm x 372 mm, 2001

Etching on Sicars paper, black jaïs J. Stoop ink, paper size: : 700 x 500 mm. Printed by the author on a star press Puliti.

40 numbered copies 1/40-40/40

Edition Alma Charta, Toccalmatto

700.00 €