n. 346 The painter's room

After more than twenty years of waiting, the complex work of this copper is finished. The dimensions are important, thus emphasizing a large space and rich details. The semi-darkness allows a glimpse of heteroclite objects and a profusion of hanging paintings. The painter's room looks like a mysterious place, but in this shelter that seems forbidden to everyone, life is present in the guise of a girl sleeping on the sofa and thanks to the light wave that penetrates the room. The large diagonal that crosses the space accentuates the contrasts between order and disorder, shadow and light. Everything is reinvigorated by a sign traced with drypoint, thus giving a velvety depth to the engraved path.

Copper 498 mm x 379 mm (width x height), 1997 - 2022

Etching/drypoint on Hahnemühle 300 gr paper, Black Luxe Charbonnel ink; sheet size:780mm x 530mm. Printed by the author on a Puliti star press.

Limited edition of 40 copies numbered 1/40–40/40.