n. 760 La maraude

Teenagers are climbing the wall of an orchard. The maraude is a French term that defines the act of stealing fruit, legumes, chickens... The scene is sketched with quick and essential features, we must hurry! For fear of being discovered, the bodies shake and join in the effort. The maraude prefers the darkness, made with the use of a colored background.
Engraving to be seized.

2020 |Etching/drypoint

Copper plate: 73 mm x 106 mm (base x height)

Etching/drypoint with stiched colored paper on Hahnemühle paper, ink black Luxe Charbonnel, print on a chalcographic press by André Beuchat, paper size: 250 mm x 175 mm

15 signed and numbered copies 1/15 – 15/15

Edition Alma Charta, Toccalmatto

80.00 €