n. 285 The great cathedral

When you venture into this great nave, you are initially alone: without human presence, the place belongs to you. The black apse catches your eye -
see how the drypoint worked persistently to make the blacks absolute. The columns guide your steps. Continue and, at the crossroads of the transept,
you are flooded with light. The great cathedral is the receptacle of a vertical and powerful light. Each stretch is a trajectory. When the gaze gives way to
the spirit, a bond is established between the Being and the Divine.

Copper 379 mm x 507 mm (base x height), 1994

Etching / drypoint on Magnani di Pescia paper, Tiefschwarz ink / Luxe Charbonnel black; sheet size 500mm x 700mm. Printed by the author on a Puliti star press.

Limited edition of 30 copies numbered 1 / 30– 30/30

Edition Alma Charta, Toccalmatto

600.00 €