n. 529 The contemplatives

This engraving presents strong contrasts in tones and techniques: the etching highlights the powerful foundations of a truncated column and the mezzotint plunges us into a deep night. From intense white to absolute black. At the top of the monument, the silhouettes of a few characters stand out against the starry sky. What are they observing? Where are their thoughts going? Do they wonder about the place of man in the cosmos or do they let themselves be captured by the beauty of a time that seems suspended? Black is the most essential color (Odilon Redon), it certainly contributes to the aura of mystery of this engraved landscape.

2006 | etching/drypoint on copper

Plate: 180 x 254 mm (base x height)

Printing on Hahnemühle paper, black ink, paper size: 350 x 500 mm

Limited edition of 40 copies numbered 1/40–40/40

Edition Alma Charta, Toccalmatto

300.00 €