n. 428 The way of light

Eternity, in the eyes of an engraver, resembles a challenge: how to represent what has no beginning or end and has lasted for a long time? In this engraved work, light and depth are the protagonists, one to capture our gaze through a succession of antechambers and the other to show us the way. Abstraction of the proposed theme, observe the richness of the vegetation that vibrates in the light and which, due to its somewhat wild vitality, attenuates the highness of the places.

Rame: 389 mm x 499 mm (base x altezza), 2000

Acquaforte su carta Hahnemühle , inchiostro nero Luxe Charbonnel, dimensione del foglio : 500 mm x 700 mm. Stampato dall’autore su un torchio a stella Puliti.

Tiratura limitata in 40 esemplari numerati 1/40 – 40/40

Edizione Alma Charta, Toccalmatto

600.00 €